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Referred Pain Index – Functional Therapeutics Ltd.

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Functional Therapeutics Ltd. - Referred Pain Index アートワーク Referred Pain Index
Functional Therapeutics Ltd.
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥800
リリース日: 2017年4月28日

The Referred Pain Index (RPI) is assessment and reference tool for healthcare and rehabilitation practitioners that deal with referred somatic pain. Injured somatic tissue (neuromusculoskeletal) can produce a variety of pain patterns, making it difficult to isolate the cause of a patient’s pain.
The most challenging aspect of treating somatic pain, is identifying the source.

The RPI allows practitioners to narrow down the source of pain from the largest database of somatic pain referral sources, including; myofascial and ligamentous trigger points, joint referred pain and other somatic pain provoking tissues.

Using a graphical representation of the pain symptoms, the practitioner and patient can together confirm the appropriate source of referred pain. Using the RPI as an assessment tool is not only efficient in improving examination and treatment outcomes, but an evidence based method to ensure that the practitioner and patient recognize the appropriate pain pattern. As a patient education tool, the RPI can seamlessly inform patients about the existence referred pain and pain sources. In addition, the RPI acts as a reference guide to allow practitioners an on-the-fly database of pain referrals at their fingertips.

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