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Medical Calc for Apple Watch – Mikael Cohen

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Mikael Cohen - Medical Calc for Apple Watch アートワーク Medical Calc for Apple Watch
Mikael Cohen
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2015年7月27日

*** This app requires an Apple Watch running Watch OS 2 or Watch OS 3 ***

Discover the most complete and powerful medical calculator available for Apple Watch!

Use "Smart Search", and just ask a question! The app will find the adequate score for you!
(Smart Search is available in English and French at the moment)

At the moment, the app contains 70+ tools including:

- Body Mass Index
- Body Surface Area (Dubois formula)
- Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (CKD-EPI, MDRD & Cockroft)

- Cardiovascular scores:
- ABCD2 score
- Corrected QT
- HEART Pathway
- Wells Score (for DVT & PE probability)
- PE severity index
- Vancouver Chest Pain Rules
- Mean arterial pressure calculator
- ORBIT-AF score
- DVT probability
- Killip Class
- TIMI Risk Score (STEMI and NSTEMI)

- Emergency department tools:
- Alvarado score (appendicitis)
- Malinas score (imminent parturition)
- Blatchford score (upper GI bleedings)
- CURB-65 (community-acquired pneumonia)
- MGAP score (pre hospital triage score for trauma patients)
- Wallace rule of nines
- Parkland formula
- ABC score
- BISAP score
- MESS score
- NEXUS criteria (C-spine, chest)
- Ottawa rules (knee and ankle)
- Surgical APGAR

- Oncology tools:
- ECOG Performance Status
- Karnofsky
- Lanky-Play Performance scale
- Khorana Score
- Manchester Score
- MSKCC/Motzer score
- UCSF-CAPRA score
- UISS for localized RCC

- Pulmonology tools:
- du Bois Score
- BODE index for COPD patients
- Peak Flow estimator

- Misc clinical tools:
- Basal Energy Expenditure calculator
- Centor Score
- Corticosteroid equivalence calculator
- SCORE for osteoporosis risk determination
- CAGE questionnaire
- HRAR (risk of relapse in alcoholic patients)
- APGAR score
- SIRS, sepsis and septic shock criteria
- CKD risk in HIV+ patients
- Fractional excretion of sodium and urea

- Biology tools:
- Sodium correction for glycemia, proteinemia, and triglycerides
- Calcium correction for proteinemia and albuminemia
- Average glucose calculator
- Free water deficit in hypernatremia

- OB Wheel:
- Estimated Due Date by LMP
- Gestational age calculation

The user interface is now even quicker, easier to use, a fully optimized for Watch OS 3 users.
(WatchOS 2 users will also be able to use the old UI)

The iPhone app contains all the bibliographic references.

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