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Sun Health Services - I-PatH アートワーク I-PatH
Sun Health Services
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥100
リリース日: 2022年10月24日

IPatH is an application to connect Total Hip and Knee Replacement patients with their surgeons to measure patients function, pain and activity scores. Patient can put in its surveys, activities and hip range of motion. Patients surgeon can put in the indication and surgical details while monitoring his patients hip performance.
IPatH is the first application that gives the patient the control to his health data. The patient allows his surgeon to get connected to his data outside the hospital. IPatH supports the patient before the Total Hip and Knee Replacement surgery with all informations needed to know and prepare himself for the surgery.

Features for patients:
-all informations to be prepared for the surgery
-surveys to calculate functional scores
-surveys to see the pain progress
-measure the hip range of motion by himself
-control his own hip prostheses performance
-compare his hip performance with other patients using IPatH (anonymised)
-direct communication with his surgeon
-being monitored by his surgeon

Features for surgeons:
-supports surgeons patient to be informed about the treatment
-functional, pain and activity scores of each surgeons patient
-view of all surgeons patients performance
-view of patients pain progress
-view of patients functional performance
-view of patients hip range of motion progress
-view of patients activity preoperative and postoperative
-direct communication with his patients (set-up by the surgeon)
-listing of all surgeons participating patients
-result analysis of surgeons treatments based on the scores, activities and range of motion

IPatH is asking for users approval to get access to the Health app in the patients I-Phone. After the approval IPatH is only reading, while the app is in use, the users steps from the HealthKit app to allow his surgeon seeing patients activity. No further health data are taken from the Health app. This data enables patients surgeon to correlate the patients outcome data with his activity. Without the patients approval nor data can be visible or reported to his surgeon or to any other third party.

To measure the Range of Motion (ROM) of patients hip and knee IPatH needs to use patients I-Phone built-in functionality as the accelerator.

Patient can use the IPatH as a digital prostheses pass. To do so it is only necessary to scan the data matrix code on the prostheses pass for each implanted component. Please give IPatH access to your I-Phone’s camera to scan these codes. These data are only visible for the patient and his surgeon.

We wish you a very healthy time and we are convinced you will enjoy using IPatH. For any questions about the IPatH please contact us via our website:

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