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GrowthCalc – Anas Sheikh Ibrahim

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Anas Sheikh Ibrahim - GrowthCalc アートワーク GrowthCalc
Anas Sheikh Ibrahim
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥480
リリース日: 2019年10月20日

GrowthCalc is an app that provides high-quality growth statistics and charts for your children. GrowthCalc is unique in that it provides you with calculators and charts including:
- INTERGROWTH-21st (neonatal and postnatal)
- Fenton
- Down syndrome
- Prader-Willi syndrome
- Noonan syndrome
- DiGeorge syndrome
- Russel-Silver syndrome

GrowthCalc includes many features out of the box. GrowthCalc:
- helps in training parents, primary care staff, nurses, and physicians in monitoring the physical growth of children
- includes 70+ calculators for weight, height, head circumference, and BMI statistical parameters
- calculates z-score and percentile corresponding to the patient
- plots the results on high-quality percentile charts
- is able to save and share the charts
- includes information about each calculator to aid in interpreting the results
- calculates height age to help in diagnosis of short stature causes
- includes growth workup which calculates a large number of results for quick access, including the expected adult height of the child using the parents' height (Khamis-Roche method) or using the child's bone age (Bayley-Pinneau method), corrected mid parental height, among others

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