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Bickster LLC - Find My Hearing Aid & Devices アートワーク Find My Hearing Aid & Devices
Bickster LLC
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥1,500
リリース日: 2020年3月4日

Find Your Lost Hearing Aids And Other Listening Devices. Find It In Seconds! Try The App Now!

Find My Hearing Aid works with most major hearing aid brands.

The app's Bluetooth 4.0 scanner can track any hearing aid or listening device that connects to your phone, is powered on and is actively advertising.

• Find your hearing aids and listening devices in seconds. Not days or hours.
• Avoid spending thousands of dollars to replace your lost hearing aid or listening device
• Make finding your missing hearing aid fun, not stressful. Find My Hearing Aid app uses the Cold, Warm, Hot game to find your device quickly
• Use this Bluetooth scanner any time you misplace your hearing aid. Can also be used to track down a hearing aid for friends or family
• Extremely easy to use. Anyone, any age, can navigate the app. Step by step instructions
• Great app support. Contact us if you need help

We are so confident that this scanner will find your hearing aids we offer a full refund for the cost of Find My Hearing Aid app if your device isn't found. You have nothing to lose except your device.

Downloading Find My Hearing Aid before losing your device is not required, but will help you find it faster if you lose it. Every minute counts before the batteries run out!

5/5* "This app was very easy to use. All I had to do was turn it on, and it lead me straight to my Phonak Marvel hearing aid which has ended up in the laundry. So glad I found it before it got destroyed in the wash! Thank you for this app!!" - Margaret S.

5/5* "If you've ever misplaced your hearing aid, you need this app. It's a must have! I try to leave my Nano hearing aid in the same spot, but sometimes I forget. Or my wife will move it and forget to tell me. This app saved me from spending hours searching the house."

Please contact support before posting a negative review or asking a question in a review. We cannot respond to questions posted in a review.

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Find My Hearing Aid hides all the technical details of your device and uses the simple Cold, Warmer, Hot approach.
• Launch the App
• See your lost hearing aid in the app if it's within range
• Walk around slowly. As you move closer to your lost hearing aid the indicator will change from Cold to Warmer
• When you are about 3-5 feet away from your hearing aid the indicator will display Hot. Simple as that. You found your device!


• Can track any hearing aid that is actively broadcasting a Bluetooth Low Energy signal
• "Smart Finder" technology that knows how to track your hearing aids to find them faster
• Works indoors and outdoors
• Displays the last time your hearing aid was seen by our app
• Works with all iPhone models 4S and above
• Works with iPad 3,4, iPad mini 2,3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro
• Extremely user friendly and easy to use. Technical knowledge of your hearing aid is not required

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