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Epicardio Heart Simulator – Epicardio Ltd

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Epicardio Ltd - Epicardio Heart Simulator アートワーク Epicardio Heart Simulator
Epicardio Ltd
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥300
リリース日: 2021年7月6日

Developed for anyone who is interested in mastering the complexity of the electrical function of the heart. This app helps healthcare professionals and medical/nursing students gain deeper understanding of the ECG. It employs interactive real-time 3D exploration to aid learning of the cardiac rhythm.

Use Apple Pencil or a soft rubber tip pen for better interaction.

All text is available in English, German, Spanish, Mandarin 所有文字均以中文提供 and Greek. Tutorial voice over text is available in English.

ECG is one of the most common diagnostics for Cardiology that all medical and nursing students are introduced at an early stage of their training. Confidence and experience gained from simulated training can help make first diagnosis successful and decrease risk to patients. This app uses real-time 3D anatomy and control of physiological parameters. Utilises electrophysiology simulation and live ECG signals to simulate the normal heart rhythm.

Step-by-step introductory tutorial with voice-over

Electrophysiology parameters:
SA node switch
SA node rate
AV node switch
AV node conduction velocity
AV node delay

Live single lead ECG display (choice out of 12 standard signals)
Live 12-lead ECG display
Annotated 12-lead ECG display
Pause and scroll ECG with simultaneous action potential wavefront
ECG calliper tool
Simulation speed control
ECG speed control
ECG voltage control
ECG leads display
DCCV Cardioverter/Defibrillator

Temporary pacing device with limited functions:
On/off switch
Pace indicator
Interactive placement of pacing wire tip
All other pacing parameters are disabled in this app. For fully functional pacemaker please see the Epicardio Temporary Cardiac Pacing app on AppStore.

Anatomy views with free 3D camera control
Choice of displayed anatomy
Preset views

General app settings:
Sounds on/off
Background colour options and brightness
Screenshot info

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Greek

This app executes in landscape mode only

Understand what causes the ECG signals during normal sinus rhythm
Explore the heart in 3D and gain spatial and temporal understanding of the heart's electrophysiology in normal sinus rhythm

Mobility. Users can access individualised simulation training on their personal devices anytime and anywhere
Guidance. Guided tutorials aid self-learning without the need for tutoring
Model pacing outcomes. Normal vs. pathology overlays make it easy to visually compare differences in pacing that would otherwise need to be imagined
Deeper understanding. Real-time interactive 3D anatomy and pacing wire placement provide spatial and temporal understanding of what causes the ECG signals and helps with retention
Realistic simulation. Real-time electrophysiology mode and on-screen controls for realistic training

This application is not a substitute for medical advice. This application is intended for educational purposes only. Persons using the data within this application for medical purposes should not rely solely on the accuracy of the data herein. While data may be updated periodically, users should not rely on this application for the latest information. Any and all liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of this application is hereby disclaimed. All direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising from any use of this application or data contained herein is disclaimed and excluded. All support is provided on an as-is, as-available basis. In downloading this app you expressly recognise: having read and understood the terms, conditions and modalities of the Epicardio Ltd EULA; being satisfied therewith; and agreeing to abide by all its terms and conditions.

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