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Anne – Alessandro Di Maio

5月 25, 2023 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Alessandro Di Maio - Anne アートワーク Anne
Alessandro Di Maio
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥300
リリース日: 2022年6月16日

**Requires first time to be set up with a caregiver for a deafblind**
This is an app that has to be felt. Anne is completely powered by gestures and vibrations so you don't have to even look at the screen while you are using it. The few gestures that you need to learn will become muscle memory before you would even realize. Powered by the International Morse Code, you can type and transmit your messages to the people out there, with a combination of just Dots (or Dits) and Lines (or Dahs). And vice versa is even possible.

Let us get familiar with all the gestures

Basic gestures:

0) Double back tap to open it
1) Tap - Prints the Dot on the screen
2) Swipe Right - Prints the line on the screen
3) Swipe Down - Confirms letter in the typing process
4) Swipe left (one finger) - Deletes the last letter in the current typing process

Pro gestures:

5) Swipe left (two fingers) - Clears the current typing
6) Pinch In - Transmits the word currently typing
7) Pinch Out - Transmit the last letter of the word you're currently typing
8) Swipe up - Prints the word from the typing to the chatbox and also vocalizes it.
9) Tap and Hold - Listens for audio to transmit to morse
10) Swipe up (two fingers) - Transmits the latest gesture message (You) in chatbox to morse
11) Swipe down (two fingers) - Transmits the latest audio message (They) in chatbox to morse

And I will repeat it, no matter how complex these gestures look, it is a matter of a few tries before they get ingrained into your muscle memory!

Oh and don't forget the entire screen is your canvas!


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