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Stop! Don’t Smoke! – Dmitriy Polyakov

10月 28, 2022 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Dmitriy Polyakov - Stop! Don't Smoke! アートワーク Stop! Don't Smoke!
Dmitriy Polyakov
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥160
リリース日: 2017年8月28日

This app is designed for people who are trying to quit smoking. We know that it’s more difficult than it seems, so we’ve decided to help you.

The app is based on the following principle: you follow the recommendations and gradually increase intervals between smoke breaks. Thus you smoke fewer cigarettes each day until you feel that you’ve overcome your bad habit.

Each following time interval that you need to hang in without smoking is calculated automatically basing on previously smoked cigarettes. This is why the best timing for starting to use the app is the first morning cigarette.

The app is meant to help you give up smoking and does not guarantee success. In this tough matter everything depends only on you.

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