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Snuggly: Baby Heartbeat Listen – Lunasonic Inc

11月 11, 2023 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Lunasonic Inc - Snuggly: Baby Heartbeat Listen アートワーク Snuggly: Baby Heartbeat Listen
Lunasonic Inc
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥1,200
リリース日: 2023年1月17日

Listen to the calm sound of your baby's heartbeat - Bond with your baby stronger and make the pregnancy more exciting and joyful! Snuggly uses complex algorithms and psychoacoustics to tailor the natural sound of your baby's heart. We help expectant parents to feel the joy of pregnancy like never before!

Have you ever experienced hearing the baby's heart rate outside the doctor's office? Now you only need a mobile device and you can easily monitor and record your baby's heartbeat anywhere!

Snuggly uses a carefully designed algorithm that amplifies important sound frequencies of your baby’s heartbeat and makes them more audible, transforming the present sound of your baby's heart into a form more suitable for listening.

The app was designed to form a bonding experience between you and your baby, enabling you to search and listen for your baby's heartbeat, while recording and sharing successfully captured heart sounds.

***HOW TO USE IT?***
- Get the phone out of the case and turn on Airplane Mode
- Carefully press the microphone (located on the left side of the charging port) to your bare abdomen
- Lean the phone slightly to the left, so the speaker (located on the right side of the charging port) can be unmuffled
- Listen for rhythmic sounds that repeat 2-3 times in a second
- If you can't locate the sound, change the location of the phone by pressing it elsewhere
- Relax and enjoy. No one expects you to find the baby's heartbeat on the first try!

We have an intuitive interface that will guide you through the whole process and let you hear the real-time heartbeat of your baby wherever you are! Monitor the beat of your baby's heart - Bond with your baby additionally while it's still in the womb!

Download Snuggly, put the phone on your belly, and enjoy - Listen to the calming sounds of your baby's heart! You can also record it and share these wonderful moments with your friends and family! Experience the magic of pregnancy!


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This app is NOT a medical device and it is NOT intended to be used for medical purposes, or as a replacement for the medical advice of any kind. For any medical questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy, your health, or your baby’s health, please consult your medical practitioner.

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