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Sensory Abstract#3 – Sensory App House Ltd

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Sensory App House Ltd - Sensory Abstract#3 アートワーク Sensory Abstract#3
Sensory App House Ltd
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2020年10月23日

Sensory Abstract#3 app is the third abstract app in what has become a series of visual digital art and sensory effects. The app is a combination of the use of digital art and effects techniques created by Sensory over the years. Abstract #3 has some fresh and engaging, brilliant layers and emerging shapes.

The concept for this app is to create a calm, visual and engaging experience, with slow and bright emerging shapes. There is a compelling combination of layouts, shapes and colors to enjoy, and a range of styles by tapping the buttons. Sensory Abstract #3 is a moving display of unique digital effects combinations.

You can control the app with the bluetooth keyboard characters 1,2,3,4,5, +,-, space bar and enter key. So you can also use any bluetooth access switch systems that can deliver the above characters to your device.

Keyboard 1 (button 1) or Space Bar changes the background effect
Keyboard 2 (button 2) changes color of the main effect
Keyboard 3 (button 3) or Return/Enter key changes style of the main effect
Keyboard 4 (button 4) changes symmetry of the main effect
Keyboard 5 (screen tap)) hides and shows control buttons
+ & - change to the next or last abstract visual if available

The projection capabilities of the phone or tablet gives the option for galleries, sensory rooms, theatres and relaxing environments to run the app on large screens. Just choose the effect you prefer, using the on screen buttons and let it flow. Tap the screen (or press 5) and the on screen buttons will disappear.

Sensory Abstract#3 contains no adverts and does not require a login.

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