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My Watch Memoir (No Ads) – RPV Holdings LLC

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RPV Holdings LLC - My Watch Memoir (No Ads) アートワーク My Watch Memoir (No Ads)
RPV Holdings LLC
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥1,500
リリース日: 2021年10月10日

This is the PAID Ad-Free version of My Watch Memoir. Our free version has minimal ads so we recommend checking that version first and if you don’t want any ads, then purchase this version.

My Watch Memoir is the tool/app used by collectors, all around the world, to manage their watch collection.

Watch collectors and enthusiasts can SAFELY & PRIVATELY catalogue their timepieces, store their details/photos/service records/papers, and record & preserve their watch stories.

My Watch Memoir also provides enthusiasts ANALYTICS & INSIGHTS from their watch collection. They can see things like the distribution of their collection by style, era, movement and much more. Watch collectors also get metrics to track the financial performance of their current portfolio/investment and of their sold timepieces.

In addition to having their entire collection at their fingertips, collectors can export/print PDF files of their watches for insurance purposes, for selling or for simply storing a physical extract.

My Watch Memoir was designed by collectors for collectors, and this is why it also features other helpful tools, including:
-Clock (to help you set your watch every day)
-Glossary of Watch Terms (to help you master the watch lingo)
-List of US Import Codes (for vintage Swiss watches from the 1930s-60s)
-Dating Tables by Manufacturer/Brand (to help you date your watches)

Unlike other watch apps, My Watch Memoir is built around PRIVACY & SECURITY. All your watch collection data is stored locally on your device (you control the data), we don’t host any of it (reason why you don’t have to create an account), and your watch collection data will never be shared with third parties (only you have access to it). YOUR WATCHES, YOUR WATCH COLLECTION DATA. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. The app also allows collectors to export & import data backups. My Watch Memoir App is not connected to any database and therefore, watch specifications are entered manually.

As watch enthusiasts, we began our journey with our physical book, sold on our website, and later on entered the digital space with My Watch Memoir App. OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE… Help collectors all around the world record & preserve the timepieces, stories and adventures they acquired along the way in the fascinating world of watch collecting. Watches may come and go, but the precious memories deserve to be preserved for the long term.

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