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iCaughtU Pro – BAN ME

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BAN ME - iCaughtU Pro アートワーク iCaughtU Pro
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥9,000
リリース日: 2014年5月23日

iCaughtU Pro is very user friendly app that help people in creating meetings with their contacts on their iOS phones. Set reminders for the meetings and get notifications for the reminders. Send messages and emails to the person you are going to meet and follow ups
Auto Sync option for Contact list.
Different coloured badges makes it easy to sort the list of meetings.
Its extensive search option makes searching of an important meeting a task of seconds.
Show all contacts in user’s address book under contact tab.
Categorise user contacts using pins
By using the color of pin, user gets idea about the meetings with their contact (future meet, todays meet, past meet).
On a just single touch on “Today’s Meets” button, user can see the contacts that today’s meetings with him.
Check number of meetings that shown in the badge on the contact name.
Search contact by using name and meeting.
See contact details by touching the contact name.
Send messages and mails to the contact to update the person about meeting.
See all meetings with the person by just touching on the badge on the name of contact and can edit and delete the meeting.
Create the new meetings and set alarm and notification also.
See the location of the contact on the map. If having future meeting than app shows location with green and red pin.
As user location changes, map also updates the user location in map and shows contacts that are in a certain area so that he can manage the meetings with the person near by him. This search area can be manage in the settings section of app.
On touching the pin in map, user can see the contact details and also manage the meetings.
App shows status of Wifi and GPS also so that map section update automatically.
App send the notification on the alert time to the local notification centre and shows an alert that updates the user about meeting time and meet person.
App also shows badge on the app icon that shows app having notification to the user.
Change the meeting alert in the setting section.
Choose the type of map (standard and Hybrid).
App always sync with the contact address book and any change in contact address book also reflect in the app also as app become active.
App optimize to the level that requires minimum hardware resources. As GPS on only when it really requires and also optimise to drain minimum energy.

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