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High Elvish – Felix Usov

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Felix Usov - High Elvish アートワーク High Elvish
Felix Usov
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥700
リリース日: 2014年2月5日

The High Elvish-English Dictionary is based on well established content listed in alphabetical order.

• Includes over 30,000 entries and gives information about words' meanings, forms, spelling, e.t.c. presented in a convenient, easy to use format.

• The dictionary gives access to:
- Tome of Quenya
- Tome of Early Quenya
- Tome of Middle Quenya
- Tome of Late Quenya
- Tome of Sindarin
- Tome of Noldorin
- Tome of Old Noldorin
- Tome of Early Noldorin
- Tome of Middle Noldorin
- Tome of Telerin
- Tome of Late Telerin
- Tome of Ilkorin
- Tome of Early Primitive Elvish
- Tome of Middle Primitive Elvish
- Tome of Late Primitive Elvish
- Scrolls of Ancient Quenya
- Scrolls of Old Sindarin
- Scrolls of North Sindarin
- Scrolls of Vanyarin
- Scrolls of Ancient Telerin
- Scrolls of Nandorin
- Scrolls of Avarin
- Scrolls of Early Telerin
- Scrolls of Middle Telerin
- Scrolls of Early Ilkorin
- Scrolls of Danian / Ossiriandic
- Scrolls of Valarin
- Ongoing lexicographical research and updates
- Built-in comprehensive Tengwar scripting engine: Tengwar spelling for word forms and user input according to the Elvish grammar
- Multi-dialect articles and cross-dialect references
- Text-to-speech: phonological spelling for all included articles * 
- No ads, no internet connection required, no upsells

* (because the language phonetics demands rolled [R] and phonetical stress rules of Elvish languages are somewhat close to that of Latin, Italian iOS voices are used)

Speak Friend and Enter.

"...a key that opens up the door to outstanding intellectual experience"
Ph.D. Professor Dmitry V. Chizhik

• What users say:

This dictionary is in incredibly thorough... I can't think of anything that could make this better other than your own personal translator to follow you around. This app is amazing and should be recognized as such.

...Utterly fantastic app.

This app is awesome it is a complete elvish dictionary. I really enjoy it.

Canta eleni!

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