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Face Touch Aware – Vaughn&Davenport Development LLC

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Vaughn&Davenport Development LLC - Face Touch Aware アートワーク Face Touch Aware
Vaughn&Davenport Development LLC
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥1,000
リリース日: 2020年8月31日

On average, adults unintentionally touch their faces several times every hour. This App is intended to promote conscious awareness of face-touching, and detects if your Watch-wearing hand moves near your face. This functionality is available in hour-long training-periods in which the App buzzes and counts whenever a face-touch is detected.

This product is not a medical device nor does it claim to diagnose, measure, or treat any condition. It is simply designed to provide awareness and information about your habits for your own use. This app does not function all day long; the window is 1 hour unless reset.

- The app automatically vibrates and makes a sound when it detects that you have touched your face. In Settings, you can adjust the vibration strength and the volume separately (for example, if you want alerts to vibrate but not play sound).
- The training session lasts 1 hour in the background. Navigate back to the App and touch the screen to extend the session.
- If the App is not detecting enough of your face-touches, you can increase the sensitivity.
- For clarity, the app does not notify you before your hand touches your face, but typically after. It is meant to increase awareness of face-touching.
- Press the Play/Pause button to pause the App. The screen will turn yellow and the App will stop alerting you when you touch your face. Press play/pause again to resume detection; the screen will turn green.

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