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ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times – i4islam

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i4islam - ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times アートワーク ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥100
リリース日: 2013年6月23日

Are you looking for a prayer reminder app that you can trust? Look no further than Ela-Salaty, the world's most popular desktop prayer app now available on mobile devices. With its captivating features and 100% privacy guarantee, Ela-Salaty is the perfect app to help you stay connected to Allah.

• Prayer Times:
Ela-Salaty has a simple and visually appealing design that makes it easy to see the time remaining until the next prayer. You can even slide down your screen to view the prayer times for the entire day.

• Apple Watch:
Ela-Salaty is also fully compatible with the Apple Watch, allowing you to view the next prayer time right on your watch face as a complication. You can also view the Hijri date on the watch glances, bringing the full Ela-Salaty experience to your wrist.

• Cinematic Full Athan:
One of the unique features of Ela-Salaty is the ability to listen and watch a full, cinematic Athan. This feature is particularly helpful if you are unable to attend a mosque.

• Reminders:
Ela-Salaty will remind you before the Athan time, so you can prepare for prayer. You can even snooze the alert, much like an alarm clock, by long-pressing on the prayer notification.

• Themes:
Ela-Salaty has beautiful and breath-taking themes that change according to day and night times, with a single tap of the screen.

Life Around Prayer Times:
Ela-Salaty also has a monthly prayer table that can help you plan ahead and organize your appointments around prayer times to avoid conflicts. You can even add appointments to your calendar directly from the app.

• Other Features:
- Hijri and Gregorian date
- New breathtaking themes
- Qibla direction
- Full Athkar
- Prayer times calendar
- Islamic holidays
- Time for midnight and the last third time
- Prayer times widgets, lock screen widgets, and more
- Light/dark mode to match your iOS theme
- Siri integration
- Shortcuts app integration
- City center location feature for more accurate prayer times
- Improved accessibility and voice-over for the visually impaired
- Manually select and save locations, even without internet access

Ela-Salaty is a privacy-focused app that does not collect data or display ads. Trust in the app that has been trusted for years and make Ela-Salaty your go-to prayer reminder app.

•Privacy & Terms

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