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Costgram – Money tracker – 栩 罗

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栩 罗 - Costgram - Money tracker アートワーク Costgram - Money tracker
栩 罗
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥300
リリース日: 2015年12月15日

App store editor recommended accounting software no in-app purchase, one-time payment, all functions available

* Powerful repeatable records
Now you can create repeat records to add repeat items automatically
* More awesome budgets
You can create multiple budgets, with different currency, and different time period, Costgram will calculate and combine them for you.

* Unique home sharing feature that allows you to book with your family
Costgram can add your other half, or other family member, to record the income and expenditure on your mobile phone and share it so that the expenses of the whole family can be seen at a glance. You can also easily view and compare the money and know when to spend the money. , What money to spend, who spent money, how to plan the next step is in perfect order.

* Uniquely designed dynamic trend chart, let your income and expenditure situation vividly displayed on the paper.
For a long period of time, how can we be clear about the overall balance of payments? We hope that the dynamic trend chart of Costgram can give you this answer. Dynamic trend graph, through the simplest interaction - sliding left and right, you can see the trend of income and expenditure in a continuous time range. In addition to being able to swipe left and right to view trends in different time intervals, you can also use the finger to pull the slider to adjust the current trend's range, so that you can zoom in and out of the range of the trend graph display. Each unit time displayed on the trend graph can be seen after clicking on the detailed data of the selected unit, such as the proportion of each label consumption. After clicking, you can see that each label specifically contains those consumption details. This overview of trends and deeper understanding of the key dates of consumption can be regarded as the best way to master your consumption and life.

* Widget speed record addition
The fastest way to add records is to add widgets so that you don’t need to unlock your phone and you can add it directly without opening the app. We have two widgets that can add records, one is through the calculator, add the input amount in the widget, select the tab, and complete. Another one is added from the history entry. It is obviously faster for the duplicate content, and it will be completed directly.

* Powerful and convenient filter for easy control of all details
When you want to know, 7 days of travel 3 months ago, my accommodation and tolls are the percentage of my spending on the entire journey, the proportion of payment methods, etc. You can think of the query posture, custom filters are Can help you easily.

* Synchronize data with iCloud
Costgram supports synchronization, but it does not require you to register your account. This is important because we will not send your data to our servers. You can rest assured that your data is not visible to anyone else.

* Set reminder
Sometimes busy, forgetting the bookkeeping, you can set a daily alarm clock to remind you of the bookkeeping. And you can set more than one.

* Multi-currency support, automatic conversion
For those who love to travel, you can directly record in various currencies. More convenient is that it will be automatically converted to your default currency in the statistics.

* Simple operation, functional and practical, all functions are carefully scrutinized, repeated
Many of my friends provided various brainstorming suggestions after using Costgram. They also found a lot of deficiencies for Costgram. Thank you very much. Forgive the costgrams can not add all your suggestions, in order to keep the overall experience is simple, have to give up a lot of good ideas, only keep the most needed features, not to let some look cool may actually affect The function of the operation is to master the master.

Costgram has been listening, insisting on simplicity and high quality

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