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12 Step Apps LLC - AA 4th Step アートワーク AA 4th Step
12 Step Apps LLC
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リリース日: 2015年1月22日

The free “Vault” app was created by members for members as a means to enter their 4th Step Inventory information in a secure and convenient way. When complete, you can print out your inventory for use with your 5th Step.


- 100% Vault Secure
- Complete your inventory by column or row
- Has Resentment, Fear, and Sexual Conduct Inventories to complete
- Type or speak your answers
- Easy check-box answers for “Parts of Self Affected”
- Prompt lists for jogging your memory for People, Principals, and Institutions.
- Prompt lists and check boxes for common Principals,Institutions and Fears
- 4th Step term’s definitions in Help section
- “Set Daily Reminder” option using your iphones push notifications
- Email inventories to yourself or sponsor securely in PDF format
- Print them out in horizontal spreadsheet style for easy reading and organization
- Hand write in any inventory information you want to in empty rows.
- “Delete All” safety feature securely wipes the info from your phone when completed
- App "auto-locks" Vault whenever app is closed or whenever iphone is left idle.
- All data is secured on the iphone itself. Nothing is stored in "the cloud" where it could be hacked.

The Vault 4th Step Inventory App allows you to enter your inventory information in a logical step by step way, then saves the information in an inventory spreadsheet that is laid out much like many of the 4th Step guides that you can find on the internet (like Joe and Charlie’s). The difference is that the Vault app lets you work on your 4th step anywhere, anytime that you are free and in a safe place, NOT just when you are free at your home with your notebook. It is Vault Code protected at all times, so whether it is on your nightstand or at the coffee shop, NO ONE can access your inventory but you.

We decided (through much discussion) to minimize all instructions on HOW to do a 4th Step. As alcoholics, we had no shortage of opinions on what each of us believed were the best instructions. We decided to use the original text from the Big Book for the actual questions for you to answer, instead of rewording them as we saw some of the 4th Step "guides" do.

Your sponsor may want you to write out (with pen and paper) your 4th step. If that is the case, you may still utilize the app to collect your inventory information, then after printing it out, copy it over by hand.

This app is not AA reviewed or approved. AA does not endorse or approve anything or anyone. All quotes are from the 1st edition of the Big Book. This app was created by members for members. Thanks to their generous support this app is FREE to anyone world-wide. Remember: Our primary purpose is to stay sober, and help another alcoholic.


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