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VaYou Biofeedback Meditation – Lukas Filz

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Lukas Filz - VaYou Biofeedback Meditation アートワーク VaYou Biofeedback Meditation
Lukas Filz
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥1,200
リリース日: 2018年12月21日

Biofeedback is the future and the future is now - for everyone. No additional body sensors are needed anymore! Just take your iPhone and start VaYou.

VaYou Breath is innovative sound biofeedback. The app connects you directly with yourself by transforming your abdominal breathing into dynamically generated sounds.

It is very simple! You breathe relaxed and VaYou generates sounds from it - directly shaped by your breathing. With the help of real-time biofeedback, your breath, mind and heart increasingly flow as one.

VaYou Breath integrates with Apple Health by updating your values for resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and mindful minutes.

Key VaYou benefits

• Biometric Integration - VaYou provides advanced real-time breath and pulse detection without the need for additional wearables or expensive medical sensors.
• We have gone to the technical limits. VaYou converts the iOS motion/acceleration sensor data stream into high quality biosignals for breath and pulse (pulse only in lying position).
• In order to support the relaxation process, the VaYou algorithms learn from your biosignals and derived parameters how to best design the sounds so that they are most effective for you at that moment.
• No online connection needed while using - activate airplane mode for an undisturbed and healthy experience!

No other app or desktop software provides biofeedback like VaYou Breath.

Just listening to the breath-generated sounds leads you into a very personal flow experience. Your consciousness is more and more "absorbed" by the process, your thoughts come to rest. The mental state can be described as relaxed and calming breath mindfulness. It is almost automatic to "stay with the breath", easily and effortless.

Unlike with apps where you have to understand and follow spoken instructions, with VaYou Breath you can "switch off" right from the start. The resulting flow experience brings body and mind into harmony and this has a regenerating effect.

The regular use of VaYou Breath can have a generally positive effect on body and mind. Some of the reported effects are
• Calming the flow of thoughts
• Reduction of stress levels
• Self regulation of the heart and breathing activity
• Increase of creativity
• Improvement of mood
• Improvement of sleep.


Put on good headphones and choose one of the perfected Sound~Flows. Then select the duration, press START and place the iPhone on your lower abdomen, just below the navel. (It's usually better to loosen a belt if you wear one and slide the iPhone halfway into the belt line of your trousers or skirt.) Keep breathing and listening!

LIVE 1 and LIVE 2 is the app's main biofeedback mode. To be even more flexible, there is also a PACING mode, in which an adjustable breathing rhythm is played, which you simply breathe along. Without the need to look at the screen.

It is actually very easy to get into your personal "Flow~Breathing" and to experience and enjoy the balancing positive effect.


▪ The VaYou biofeedback algorithm that turns your breathing movements into amazing Sound~Flows
▪ The "Flow Journey" Sound~Flow, which guides you through a universe of different breath~sound experiences up to 30 minutes duration
▪ The "Four Fully" Sound~Flow for very effective and recreational short breaks
▪ All other Sound~Flows can be downloaded as in-app purchases within the app. And of course you get them for your LIFETIME, even if you change or loose your device.


• No subscription, no automatic renewal
• No hidden costs or unnecessarily large packages
• You only pay what you really like and want.

Wishes, questions and feedback are always welcome:
or at

VaYou is Time for You.
NOW is Time for You!

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