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LIDYA DEL CARMEN COTA GOMEZ - Sun Namaskar アートワーク Sun Namaskar
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥1,300
リリース日: 2021年4月3日

Surya Namaskar, also known as the Sun Salutation, is one complete sadhana of the ancient hatha yoga tradition. The sun is the life source for the planet, so in everything there is an element of the sun. The purpose of practicing Sun Salutations is to awaken and organize the solar energies that normally lie dormant at the navel center giving you courage, self-confidence, and the perception of the inner light.

To derive these benefits, however, you must take the practice beyond merely stretching the physical body. The spiritual dimension of the 12 positions of Surya Namaskar is much more profound and fulfilling than the physical practice alone. Sun Namaskar APP was made to awaken the hearts of spiritual seekers who are looking to boost their inner growth through yoga asanas.

If you find this spiritual dimension to your yoga practice appealing, then you’ll probably be delighted with the following features:

LISTEN TO SURYA NAMASKAR MANTRAS: Surya Namaskar Mantras are played during all the steps to help you harmonize your body, breath, and mind. While practicing the sun salutation sequence, you will be listening to the powerful Surya and Bija Mantras, which are geared to increasing the solar energy in you, and activating its healing power in order to obtain a radiant body and cultivate a blissful mind. This mantra combination is a smart power capsule of Yoga, Psychology, and Esoteric Science.

LISTEN TO SURYA NAMASKAR CHANTS AT THE BEGINNING AND THE END OF YOUR PRACTICE: Surya Namaskar chants can either be listened to or chanted mentally to take your physical workout to an enhanced mental and spiritual level.

CHAKRA AWARENESS: Beautiful Surya Namaskar yoga images indicate step by step which chakra or energy center to focus your attention on. Identify each chakra in the Surya Namaskar pictures and visualize them in your body, which will ignite their power and result in greater body and mind equilibrium.

TWO TYPES OF SURYA NAMASKAR: TRADITIONAL SUN SALUTATION OR CHAIR SURYA NAMASKAR: Sitting Surya Namaskar is a more gentle and easy yoga sun salutation sequence for beginners. Seated sun salutations are for seniors, too. A chair workout is also excellent when sitting at your desk; it is a lot easier on your body.

CLOSE YOUR EYES WHEN PRACTICING FOR A DEEPER EXPERIENCE: The prime purpose of bell sounds is to get you to close your eyes when practicing Sun Salutations. The way to be aware of the changes in asanas is by playing the Sun Namaskar APP temple bell sounds.

TRADITIONAL ASANA IMAGES AND TEMPLE BELL SOUNDS: Sun Namaskar APP adopts the authentic mysticism of a traditional yoga practice. It also incorporates temple bells sounds while opening and closing Sun Salutations. Temple bells balance the right and left parts of your brain. The echoing sounds activate all 7 healing centers in your body. These bell sounds are beneficial for your health.

SUN SALUTATIONS COUNTING, ADJUST SPEED: Adjust the timing of every step. You can decide to either hold each asana for several seconds, or you can set the timer to execute your workout faster, which is ideal for weight loss. Make it fast or slow by adjusting the hold position time from 1 second to 3 minutes.

SOUND AND VISUAL CUES TO CHANGE EVERY STEP: Sound and visual cues indicate when you start every cycle and every step. The app will tell you when to change each of the 12 steps.

Sun Namaskar APP allows you to fully customize your Sun Salutation practice. It is ideal for all levels of fitness: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Choose your own pace.

While performing Surya Namaskaram yoga with the Sun Namaskar APP, you not only tone your muscles with an excellent yoga routine, but also harmonize the chakras, which will spiritualize your practice.

Our goal for this app is to make it a useful tool on your spiritual path, and one which will allow you to activate the dormant energy in your solar plexus, thus empowering you to live a better and healthier life.

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