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Let It Go – stress reliever – Joe Czubiak

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Joe Czubiak - Let It Go - stress reliever アートワーク Let It Go - stress reliever
Joe Czubiak
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2014年2月3日

Let It Go - your tool for personal growth and stress relief.
Stop bottling up feelings and attach negative or unwanted thoughts and feelings to the balloon and send it away.

It's suuuper simple to use:
•Touch the ballon.
•Write down your thoughts.
•Let it Go! (watch as the balloon floats away, carrying your thoughts with it)

Let It Go is the perfect tool for you if you are you stressed, angry about something, having trouble moving past an issue, or worried about someone or something and need some relief.

Let It Go is your relaxing place to release and let go of emotions and thoughts. Take a problem that is bothering you and either speak it or type it in the space provided and, when you are ready, swipe the balloon and watch as it floats away. Let yourself feel calmed by the beautiful scenery and start to feel the release immediately. Use it every day to center yourself and help yourself become the happy and positive person you want to be. Maybe you'll use it to send out thoughts of love and gratitude or to send a special prayer. Whichever way you choose, every message is completely private. Once released, it is gone. Let it go and be amazed at the results! 12 beautiful backgrounds to choose from will keep you inspired and relaxed.

Download today and watch yourself transform into a more forgiving and relaxed person.

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