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HealthGlance – Complications – Andras Solyom

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Andras Solyom - HealthGlance - Complications アートワーク HealthGlance - Complications
Andras Solyom
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥160
リリース日: 2020年10月7日

If app does not show on your Watch after purchase, please read troubleshooting steps at the end of this description.

Health Glance is a standalone Watch app that provides customisable health data complications, with support for multiple different complications. You can also view health data in the app, without using complications.

- Support most data types from HealthKit (i.e. data that you can also see in the Health app on your iPhone)
- Add multiple complication configurations, and set any of them as a complication, support for multiple different complications at the same time
- Support for all watch faces and complication slots
- Summary of all configured data when you open the app
- Set goals, complications can show difference from goal, or percentage completed
- Configure period for data. E.g. 7 day average Weight, Step Count from last 24 hours, Yesterday walking distance. All data types have many period types to choose from
- Configure unit
- Set custom icon, from a selection of more than 100 icons
- Complication second line can show icon, unit, or can be hidden
- Set colors, separately for value and icon (only for multicolor watch faces)
- Option to hide unit
- Complications update every 20 minutes, if it's not enough you can open the app any time to see the most up-to-date data
- Standalone watch app means there is no iPhone app, you can configure everything on your watch

The application only stores data needed for your complications, and stores this data locally, on your watch. The app never connects to the internet or any 3rd party service.

- Application doesn't show on Watch after purchase:
Please go to the App Store on your Watch (not iPhone) and find the app here either by searching the name, or by going to Account (at the bottom), Purchased, and download the app from here.
- Application/complication shows 0 for some data:
a) There is no data in Health for that type and period.
b) You didn't authorise HealthKit access on the first launch. On your iPhone go to Health app > Account > Privacy > Apps > Health Glance.
c) New data added on your iPhone takes couple minutes to sync with your watch.

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