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GPS Cyclometer – Kai Bruchmann

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Kai Bruchmann - GPS Cyclometer アートワーク GPS Cyclometer
Kai Bruchmann
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥100
リリース日: 2009年8月24日

The program bases on GPS data and displays the speed analog and digital. Additionally more infomations will be displayed. There is a compass and a stop watch built in. You can set different modes: Bicycle, Moped, Car, Airplane, Sailboat. The Unit can be set for Kph, mph or knots (kn). You can use it for different vehicles.

- Support now an Apple Watch App (included or as single App)

Technical Data:
- View Mode: Bicycle, Motorcycle, Car, Airplane, Sailboat
- Display: GPS available, Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, GPS time
- Max-speeds: 14, 23, 70, 210, 420
- Analog, digital
- Saves automatically the last display
- Unit: km/h, mp/h or kn (Knots)
- Maximum speed
- Compass: based on GPS data or compass-sensor
- Point of the Compass in N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE and in °
- Device does not turn off while the program is running

- You need a bike mount and an additional accu
- Start the program
- Set under Extras > Settings e.g. km/h and the Compass-sensor active

- You need a car mount and a power adaptor cable (12V > 5V iPhone or iPad)
- Set View Mode > Car
- Do not operate the program while driving!

Small Plane:
- Set Display > Aircraft

Sailboats and small ships:
- Set Display > Bicycle
- Set in Settings > kn (Knots)

- OS 8.0 or higher
- Bike mount or Car mount
- AC-Adaptor, Car recharger cable or power-pack (additional battery)

Note: since the GPS module is integrated in the mobile radio chip, e.g. an iPad (or iPod Touch) with "only" WiFi no GPS and thus can not display the speed. However, you can retrofit it with an external Bluetooth GPS receiver.

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