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Brain Fog – CogniFit

3月 14, 2023 | コメントは受け付けていません。

CogniFit - Brain Fog アートワーク Brain Fog
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥8,000
リリース日: 2023年1月24日

Do you feel like you are struggling to remember things, having difficulty concentrating, or feeling forgetful? It could be a sign that your cognitive skills are affected by a brain condition.

Memory and concentration are important skills for daily life. Fortunately, there are digital solutions that can help improve those skills if they have been compromised. With the use of digital applications people who struggle with their cognitive abilities can find relief. You can find scientific references about this technology at:

The Brain Fog app has been created by top neuroscience experts with rigorous protocols in place, to help stimulate your memory and attention. Each activity within this app has been specially crafted to train cognitive impaired abilities.

The Brain Fog games that can help strengthen cognitive functions while having fun at the same time. It comes complete with multiple levels of difficulty so no matter who plays there's something here perfect for everyone.

We hope this will help you in your daily live!

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