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MarkMoneyPro3 – Thomas Mark

1月 08, 2024 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Thomas Mark - MarkMoneyPro3 アートワーク MarkMoneyPro3
Thomas Mark
ジャンル: ファイナンス
価格: ¥1,300
リリース日: 2023年12月11日

MarkMoney is a professional financial calculator that allows you to calculate loans or mortgages or create savings and withdrawal plans in just a few steps.

With the PRO version, you have the option of customizing the layout of the app and the PDF documents yourself. Your logo can be stored in the settings for this purpose. You can also easily make your personal color settings in the settings. In the report settings, you can also design the standard texts for the disclaimer, subject, cover letter, contact details and company data according to your wishes or guidelines.

As a financial expert, you want to perform your calculations quickly and efficiently without having to deal with cumbersome dialogs and coded abbreviations. The interface is therefore deliberately kept simple and offers all the functions you need for your calculations.

MarkMoney provides you with the following financial calculators:
- Savings calculator
- Withdrawal plan
- Loan calculator
- Mortgage calculator
- Quick car loan calculator
- Real estate loan quick calculator
- Interest calculator
- Inflation calculator

Functions of the PRO version:
- Customize logo & colors
- Customize PDF report
- Save and manage projects
- Create and share screenshots
- Plan A/B comparison
- Dark mode support
- Available on Mac for iPad

Functions of the STANDARD version:
- Universal app for iPhone/iPad
- Create and share repayment plans
- Recording of special repayments, special payments or withdrawals
- Dynamic adjustment of savings or withdrawal amount
- Inflation rate, tax and allowances taken into account
- Installment or interest rate adjustment at any time
- Calculator function to support data entry
- Graphical simulation via gesture control and slider
- Language/currency switching within the app

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