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Gold Tracker – Hearn Apps, LLC

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Hearn Apps, LLC - Gold Tracker アートワーク Gold Tracker
Hearn Apps, LLC
ジャンル: ファイナンス
価格: ¥370
リリース日: 2009年12月3日

Gold Tracker is the premier precious metals asset management app for iOS. Finally, there is a convenient and user-friendly way of recording all your precious metal transactions.

Use the Vault to catalog all of your precious metal purchases. Each coin and bar gets added individually so you can have a visual overview of your inventory. Gold Tracker calculates your gain/loss per item so that you can see exactly which investments have made you money. When it's time to sell, record your sale and Gold Tracker will keep a record of that, too.

Our customizable calculators are perfect for use in your gold store or pawn shop. At the touch of a switch, you can hide the percent you are paying for any metal so that you can perform calculations in front of your customers.

Gold Tracker features over 150 currencies and supports prices in troy ounces, grams, kilograms, and pennyweights.

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