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Streets Pro – Marc Kerstein

9月 04, 2021 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Marc Kerstein - Streets Pro アートワーク Streets Pro
Marc Kerstein
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥9,000
リリース日: 2021年6月10日

Streets Pro is a digital book test that uses a map on a borrowed phone.

You'll be able to perform multiple effects with a map, both in person and remotely:

- Predict which location a spectator will select in advance.
- Determine which street name a spectator is merely thinking of.
- Reveal information about a freely chosen local area.

For example:
- You send a spectator a link to a pin on a map. They’re told not to look just yet.
- Have them name ANY location.
- They look at the map to see that the prediction was correct.
And then...
- Have your spectator zoom in to the map to ANY location in the world and think of a street name.
- You'll be able to tell them the street name, plus information about the local area such as restaurants and cafés, and much more!

Streets Pro includes the most advanced peek screen ever created. This is a fully customisable display with multiple sources of information which adapts depending on relevance. Including:
- A minimap.
- POI lookup.
- Address + ZIP/Postcode lookup.
- What3Words support.
- Transgressive (progressive) anagram generator.

Streets Pro also includes pro-level features such as:
- Live Peek - see what is being typed in real-time.
- Enhanced Touch To Peek.
- QR code pairing support.
- NFC tag pairing support.
- Predict-to-pair functionality.
- Apple Watch support.
- Earpiece support.
- Local notifications.

* Works with ANY borrowed modern smartphone, tablet or computer.
* You NEVER touch their phone!
* VERY easy to perform.
* NO accomplice required.
* NO memory work needed.
* Works in multiple languages!

"When I came up with my streets book test years ago, I thought it was a beast... Marc has taken that seed and grown a monster! Phenomenal."
- John Archer.

This app is for entertainment purposes only.

Video and audio broadcasting of any description (including TV, radio and Internet) of this effect is prohibited without the written consent of its creator.

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