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Speakin Leet – Thumb Wizards

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Thumb Wizards - Speakin Leet アートワーク Speakin Leet
Thumb Wizards
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2009年1月12日

H3||0, Speakin Leet is an application that allows you to send messages in a computer script language. The "l33t speak" language was used for a variety of purposes before the internet became mainstream. In just a few taps, you can translate and share a message quickly and easily. Use this app to send messages in the encrypted language and impress your tech savvy friends!

- Have some fun while killing time with this unique application

- Use it as a Password Generator

- Amuse your friends

- Satisfy your curiosity about Leet Speak and Slang

- Share your translations with your friends instantly through E-mail, SMS (text message), Facebook, or your own messaging application

- Speakin Apps - Collect Them All -

The Speakin Apps will give you a wide variety of options to choose from when sharing fun and unique messages with your friends!

- Speakin Aussie
- Speakin British
- Speakin Gangsta
- Speakin Irish
- Speakin Jamaican
- Speakin Leet
- Speakin Pirate
- Speakin Redneck
- Speakin Scottish
- Speakin Swedish Chef

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