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Scramblee – Ivan Cerra de Castro

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Ivan Cerra de Castro - Scramblee アートワーク Scramblee
Ivan Cerra de Castro
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥300
リリース日: 2017年6月3日


Left hand Hold and Slide - Control a virtual Joystick to ship moves.
Right hand tap - Fire Missile and Bombs.

Player controls a ship that must infiltrate the five levels of the Scramble system and destroy the Base in the sixth.

Level 1.- Has the player over a decidedly hilly terrain. Player must dodge or destroy enemy missiles shot from the ground.

Level 2.- Is inside a cavern. The quarters are not tight, but the swarms of enemy saucers make maneuvering difficult at best.

Level 3.- The player exits the cavern and is assaulted by a storm of fireballsl. The fireballs are fast and indestructible and must be manically dodged.

Level 4.- Flies the player over a large metropolis. Missiles fired at the player from the tops of buildings again become a threat.

Level 5.- Sends the player into obnoxiously tight machine tunnels. Pilot error is the only though formidable enemy.

The final level has the player make an attack run on the Base, defended only by its position in a deep valley. After the destruction of the Base, the player begins again.

© © Ivan Cerra De Castro