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PickCard – Artitaya Domrongpokapan

11月 10, 2023 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Artitaya Domrongpokapan - PickCard アートワーク PickCard
Artitaya Domrongpokapan
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥1,000
リリース日: 2022年7月20日

Find instant answers to your questions regarding life, love happiness, and more… with PickCard by Ava


we came with English and Thai versions

GET YOUR ANSWERS: the app uses all the 78 Tarot cards including 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, based on the Ava deck,

INSIGHTS: Message card gives insights into your questions just by playing in one of the below areas:

- Yes or No Card
- How They’re Currently Feeling About You: In this part, just think about your question and slowly tilt the phone, try to get the magic ball to a wand .

- Career, work, business Messages For You: In this part, just click the aura to get your answer.

- Money Oracle: In this part, just think about your question and shake the phone.

READING THE CARDs by YOURSELF: you can pick up to 7 cards of tarot spread readings each time Tarot Card reading session with the reading guidelines from our App.

Please note that this app is only for entertainment purposes. Perfect for a party.

Please leave a review if you like our app. Thanks!

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