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Overlayed – Benjamin Vianney

2月 09, 2023 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Benjamin Vianney - Overlayed アートワーク Overlayed
Benjamin Vianney
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥6,800
リリース日: 2023年1月31日

OVERLAYED by David Penn & Magie Factory is a real tool for magicians and mentalists, for creating modern and amazing routines.

OVERLAYED allows you to overlay and animate digital effects within images captured in real-time. These can even be selfies that the spectator can share on their socials, freezing their moment of magic forever.

OVERLAYED allows you to enhance existing effects like David’s ‘Digital Double Cross’, and ‘Card Apparition’, and create awesome new ones which were impossible until now.

Imagine taking a photo with your device, or the spectator’s phone (using a sold separately NFC Tag), then being able to visually make appear any image (object, writing, shape etc.) at a specific location on that very same image!

All OVERLAYED effects can be animated invisibly because you as the performer are in control of everything!

The image can then be automatically saved in the phone’s gallery with or without the transformation!

In ‘Digital Double Cross’, the cross is removed from the spectator’s hand and is dropped into an image of their hand on the phone screen! It is then removed magically from the digital image and transferred to their other hand. Finally you travel back in time and the cross is back in their image, but within the camera roll, ready to share. (Double Cross sold separately by Magic Smith)

In ‘Card Apparition’ you can take a selfie with you and your spectators. A chosen card then vanishes and appears in the previously taken image, at any time, under your complete control! The card can look real, or like a ghostly apparition, because everything is customisable in the crisp and clean settings and animation area of the app.

There are endless possibilities that are only limited by your imagination. Join the users' group on FACEBOOK where the community of users will grow and continue to share ideas and routines.

Welcome to OVERLAYED!

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