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OuttaMyWay! Lights & Sirens – Hawk iMedia

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Hawk iMedia - OuttaMyWay! Lights & Sirens アートワーク OuttaMyWay! Lights & Sirens
Hawk iMedia
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥400
リリース日: 2009年9月15日

Need to clear a room? Need to make your way through a crowd? Want to have some fun at parties? Then what could be better than your own personal police lights and sirens?

With OuttaMyWay! you have all that you need to get through a sea of people!

OuttaMyWay! is the most complete, most configurable, most realistic emergency lights and siren simulator available today!

Our users say it best with their 5 star reviews:
"Best police light/siren that you can get at the app store."
"Best app I have. Worth the money hands down. ..."
"This is the best siren app ever. Perfect siren selection and lights."
"Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!"
...and many more 5 star ratings can't be wrong!

The app simulates emergency vehicle strobe lights (with or without an LED effect) in your choice of 15 light patterns.

Choose from 16 authentic sirens including the wail, yelp, phaser, European two-tone, a wind-up Federal-Q, two Rumblers and more. Play them individually or in any combination. AirPlay is supported with compatible external speakers! Customize the full-screen siren board as YOU like it!

Control the strobing effect, strobe delay, and waggle speed. Configure your own Hands Free and Manual siren modes, and much more!

Detailed instructions on everything this app can do can be found in the Preferences. Be sure to read them so you don't miss any features. (Double-tap the main display, and tap the gear icon.)

Screenshots do not do this app justice! Check out the demo video for a taste:

Disclaimer: OuttaMyWay! is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be used while operating or traveling in a moving vehicle. See app for full disclaimer.

REMEMBER: Do not use App Store reviews to report problems or make suggestions. We do want to hear from you, but please contact us directly at Thanks!

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