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iPregnancyTest – Steve Ehrenberg

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Steve Ehrenberg - iPregnancyTest アートワーク iPregnancyTest
Steve Ehrenberg
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥160
リリース日: 2009年4月5日

iPregnancyTest is the MOST fun you can have pretending to see if you're iPregnant! SO MUCH simpler to use (not to mention, less messy) than those _REAL_ pregnancy tests! You get ALL the fun of pretending to see if you're pregnant with NONE of the downsides! What more could anyone ask for!?

- Easy to use!

- "Result Sharing". Share your positive results with your friends! Complete with iBabyDaddy Generator! You could even share the news of your REAL pregnancy results via Text Message!

- iBabyDaddy Generator. You can either enter the name of the iBabyDaddy (if you happen to know who he or she is) or you can use the iBabyDaddy Generator which will determine who the iBabyDaddy is based on your Address Book contacts! (It's very scientific)

- iBabyDaddy Picker. If you know who iKnocked you up already, just search or select from your Address Book contacts and let them know!

- Coin-Flip Mode. Tired of waiting a few seconds for your results? Turn on Coin-Flip Mode to turn iPregnancyTest into the most AWESOME Coin-Flip app, EVER! Help make those tough life decisions!

Got ideas for new features? Send me an email!

WARNING: iPregnacyTest can only determine if you are iPregnant! If you need to know if you're ACTUALLY pregnant, I suggest a visit to your local drug store or doctor.

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