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Cythion – Magic Trick (Tricks) – Ioannis Gkortsos

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Ioannis Gkortsos - Cythion - Magic Trick (Tricks) アートワーク Cythion - Magic Trick (Tricks)
Ioannis Gkortsos
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥1,220
リリース日: 2017年12月14日

◆For THE FIRST TIME EVER a magic trick app is giving you the power to show a video of prediction of yours in the past that is revealing a dice roll in the present while your iPhone is away from you from the very beginning of the trick! ◆

Welcome to Cythion! The 7th Chapter of the Magic App Collection!

Cythion is a professional magic trick app that uses an advanced algorithm for card prediction and revelation that has NEVER been used by ANY other app available on the store! An inaccessible secret to anyone but you, that will captivate your audience and blow their mind away! It is intended for entertainment purposes only / does not provide any real mind reading abilities.

▶The effect:

- Show a video to a spectator of a prediction you made sometime in the past.

- Move away from your iPhone and ask him to cover it with his one hand in order to prevent any optical or sound recognition while throwing an ORDINARY dice with the other.

- When the dice stops, prompt him to remove his hand and press the "Play" button!

- Your prediction on the video matches the exact number of the spectator's dice throw!

- You can prompt the spectator to check and confirm that ALL POSSIBLE wireless communication on your iPhone are turned OFF (WiFi, Bluetooth, even GSM Network(!)), in order to block the phone's ability to send or receive any kind of information!

The perfection of simplicity in performance makes this magic trick the BEST of its kind!

▶Super Stealth feature

Your audience will never suspect that an app is involved so all of the credit goes to YOU!

▶No limitations

Cythion is UNIQUE and has NO Limitations!

•The magician NEVER touches or has ANY interaction with his phone!
•NO internet connection
•NO GSM Network
•NO Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access
•NO "leave and pick your device" tricks
•NO assistant
•NO voice recognition
•NO camera / proximity sensor (optical recognition)
•NO other devices
•NO "fake websites/interfaces" tricks

▶You can perform Cythion to anyone ◆ anytime ◆ anywhere! Use "Quick Action" feature via 3D Touch to perform Cyhion faster than ever!

▶Detailed instructions are included. A step by step tutorial to easily unlock the most powerful mental trick ever made and perform Cythion live to your audience!

▶iPhone X ready!

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