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Auriga Anafi – Auriga software

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Auriga software - Auriga Anafi アートワーク Auriga Anafi
Auriga software
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥980
リリース日: 2020年4月30日

The Auriga Anafi applications is a first person viewer software designed for Parrot Anafi drones.
Auriga Anafi app allows you an addictive and enjoyable flying experience placing yourself in the "pilot’s seat" of your drone.
Besides Auriga Anafi allows you, by a modern interface, to monitor the video feed during the flight. Thus, as you watch the view from the camera you can also see your batteries status, altitude, speed, and many of other telemetry readouts.
On Auriga Anafi is also available, on FPV Headset mode, the camera Head Tracking features (you are able to move the drone’s camera by your head movements) and HUD display with 3D effects for an even more immersive feeling.

The Auriga Anafi application allows you an addictive and enjoyable flying experience.
By Auriga interface you will be able to control all the flight parameters through an innovative 3D HUD display and a more immersive feeling through the FPV camera Head Tracking feature.

• On Screen Display.
• 3D HUD display (just on FPV headset mode).
• FPV Headset view for VR goggles.
• Camera Head Tracking features (just on FPV headset mode)
• Audio warning messages.
• Flight Data.
• Display settings.
• Profile settings.
• WiFi settings
• Photo/video settings.
• Skycontroller3 buttons configuration.

• Full/Minimal/none views.
• Maps views.
• Anafi drone Battery Status by circular progress bar.
• Skycontroller 3 Battery Status by circular progress bar.
• Wifi Signal Strength by circular progress bar.
• SD Memory Storage by circular progress bar.
• HUD display for:
- Speed slide bar.
- Altitude slide bar.
- Antenna pointer indicator.
- Camera Gimbal indicator.
- Artificial Gyroscope Horizon.
- Drone directional icon.
- Flight Time.
- Zoom status.
- Altitude Above Sea Level.
- Satellites indicator.

Auriga ANAFI software is compatible with the following Parrot devices:
• Skycontroller 3
• Parrot Anafi
• Parrot Anafi FPV
• Parrot Anafi Extended

iOS version 9 and higher.
iPhone 6 and higher.

For the proper working of all features of the application, verify on your smartphone that Auriga Anafi application has the permission to access the following:
Camera; Location GPS; Storage; WiFi.

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