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Rhythm Swing- Music Drills – Luke Bartolomeo

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Luke Bartolomeo - Rhythm Swing- Music Drills アートワーク Rhythm Swing- Music Drills
Luke Bartolomeo
ジャンル: 教育
価格: ¥490
リリース日: 2015年10月3日

From the creator of Flashnote Derby comes a fun and educational app that helps kids learn about rhythm and how it is written with music notation.

Students will love outwitting the nasty crocodile by tapping rhythms correctly. A variety of levels take students from simply keeping a steady beat up through all different types of notes and rests. The humorous gameplay will keep them motivated to master each new concept.

Each level of Rhythm Swing has a brief instructional video which explains the new rhythm concept. Students can view and listen to short musical phrases and hear exactly how they sound. In practice mode, you can attempt hundreds of rhythms until they are mastered. Helpful feedback will guide you in fixing any mistakes. When the student is ready, they can progress to the game, which requires precise accuracy.

Types of Rhythms Covered:
Quarter Notes and Quarter Rests
Half Notes and Half Rests
Whole Notes and Whole Rests
Dotted Half Notes
Eighth Notes and Eighth Rests
4/4, 3/4, and 2/4 Time Signatures

More levels featuring more complex rhythms are coming soon!

Here's what some of our early reviewers are saying...

"My students and I LOVED Rhythm Swing. It was a real eye opener as to which of my students could instinctively keep a steady beat."
- K. W., piano teacher

"This is a great app. I am using it with beginners. It helps to maintain the steady beat different tempos. What makes it different from other rhythm apps is that it requires holding half notes for two full counts, it progresses slowly enough to use with beginners and it uses different tempi in each level. Thank you!"
- J. Z., piano teacher

"After playing with Rhythm Swing for awhile my students and I have grown to enjoy it. Most of them like the practice section better than the game because they feel less pressure but eventually they all get around to playing the game. I have all positive things to say about it so far... Keep up the great work!"
- S. C., piano teacher

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