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MyAdsense – Christopher Hefferman

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Christopher Hefferman - MyAdsense アートワーク MyAdsense
Christopher Hefferman
ジャンル: ビジネス
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2019年10月22日

The highest rated app on the App Store for viewing your Google AdSense and Google AdMob revenue on your iPhone!

MyAdsense is a safe and secure way of viewing your AdSense and AdMob earnings. It uses a secure Google Sign In and does not save your password or any personal information to your iPhone.

This app is perfect for viewing your daily earnings, and has a beautiful user interface to match. It also supports widgets, dark mode and background updates.

View your earnings on the go, including:

- Today so far (vs yesterday)
- Yesterday (vs the same day last week)
- This month so far (vs last month)
- Last month (vs the month before last)
- Lifetime earnings

You're also able to view your payment history on a dedicated Payments tab.

Improvements are made regularly to ensure users have the best experience!

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