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Teach Monster: Reading for Fun – Teach Your Monster

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Teach Your Monster - Teach Monster: Reading for Fun アートワーク Teach Monster: Reading for Fun
Teach Your Monster
ジャンル: ブック
価格: ¥600
リリース日: 2021年9月27日

From the charity behind the award-winning Teach Your Monster to Read comes Teach Monster – Reading For Fun, a brand new game that encourages kids to have fun and enjoy reading! Designed with experts from Roehampton University to get kids reading more, Teach Monster – Reading For Fun inspires kids to explore a magical village full of fascinating facts and spellbinding stories.

Customise your own monster, make friends with colourful characters and collect over 70 free ebooks courtesy of Usborne, Okido, Otter-Barry and more. The game encourages children of all ages to read for pleasure and is perfect to play at home or school, alongside Teach Your Monster to Read or on its own.

There are hours of reading fun, from following signposts and reading aloud with Goldspear the librarian, to discovering books which help you bake delicious cakes and find treasure. It’s up to you to choose what to explore and when, but hurry, the villagers need your help. Your monster must use all its wisdom, skill and bravery to stop the book-eating goblin from causing chaos in the village and eating all the books!

• Boost your child’s reading confidence
• Develop your child’s empathy, as they put themselves in different characters’ shoes and develop an understanding of the wider world
• Improve your child’s skills in reading for different purposes, from recipes, to signposts and instructions
• Read books with friends. Choose brand new books, or re-read old favourites
• Create positive screen time for children in a fun environment
• Collect over 70 brilliant free ebooks from Usborne, Okido, Otter-Barry and more.

Reading for pleasure is a proven method to transform literacy skills and academic performance in children. The pedagogy of reading for pleasure within this game has been developed in close collaboration with educational experts from Roehampton University.

• Make friends and help out the villagers with quests that require reading
• Pop into the village library to read along with Goldspear, Coco and more
• Read different kinds of texts, from signposts and instructions, to entire fiction and non-fiction books
• Complete jobs to get rewarded with books for your monster’s bookshelf
• Solve challenges and follow the story as it unfolds, read recipes to make treats, or go on quests to overcome the book-eating goblin.
• Discover new authors, poems, stories and a series of children’s books that you’ll love.

Created by Teach Your Monster, Reading for Fun is part of The Usborne Foundation, a charity founded by children’s publisher, Peter Usborne MBE. Harnessing research, design and technology, Teach Your Monster is a non-profit organisation that creates playful media to address issues from literacy to health.

What are you waiting for? Take your monster on an epic reading adventure today!

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