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Birds of New Guinea – Birds In The Hand, LLC

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Birds In The Hand, LLC - Birds of New Guinea アートワーク Birds of New Guinea
Birds In The Hand, LLC
ジャンル: ブック
価格: ¥5,600
リリース日: 2020年5月30日

Princeton Field Guides are comprehensive, in-depth identification tools designed for all nature enthusiasts.

This is an interactive mobile field guide version of Princeton Field Guide's "Birds of New Guinea" by Thane K. Pratt and Bruce M. Beehler, with illustrations by John C. Anderton and Szabolocs Kókay. Audio recordings were compiled and edited by Iain Woxvold and David Bishop.

Like the paper edition, this is the most complete and dependable birding tool for navigating New Guinea’s tropical environment. Birds of New Guinea includes over 750 species with detailed color plates, concise species descriptions, accurate range maps, and audio recordings. Furthermore, Birds of New Guinea simplifies bird identification with an interactive Smart Search tool and it makes it easy to keep track of bird sightings with an updatable life list. This mobile app is an essential tool for all bird enthusiasts visiting or living in New Guinea.

•Detailed species accounts for all of New Guinea's 750+ species
•Gorgeous illustrations for every species, many with multiple plumages or geographic variations
•Audio recordings to aid auditory identification
•Interactive Smart Search tool helps narrow down birds by region, color, size and/or habitat
•Easily track your sightings as you go

This mobile application was developed through collaboration between Princeton Field Guides and Birds in the Hand, LLC.

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