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Thermometer App – 浩 陈

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浩 陈 - Thermometer App アートワーク Thermometer App
浩 陈
ジャンル: 天気
リリース日: 2023年12月27日

Thermometer APP - a smart thermometer and weather assistant

Welcome to experience the Thermometer APP, an all-round APP that is indispensable in your life! With the help of advanced technology, we provide you with comprehensive temperature information to ensure that you are always aware of changes in the surrounding environment and provide you with appropriate life guidance every day.

Our main features include:

[ temperature check ]
The APP is equipped with an accurate temperature sensor. You can easily obtain the real-time temperature of the surrounding environment through your mobile phone, ensuring that you always have real-time temperature information.

[Real-time temperature display]
The current temperature is displayed in the APP in real-time updates to ensure that you understand the temperature conditions of the surrounding environment at any time.

[Temperature unit switching]
According to personal preferences, the temperature display unit can be switched at any time to meet the usage habits of different users.

[Historical temperature record]
Review your past temperature measurement records to understand temperature trends and provide reference for personal health and living habits.

[Weather Forecast]
Check the weather forecast for the next few days to learn more about temperature, humidity, wind speed and many other indicators to help you better plan your daily activities.

[Weather Forecast for the 15th]
Provides detailed weather forecast for the next 15 days to help you reasonably arrange your future travel plans and cope with temperature changes.

[Two-hour rainfall reminder]
Through intelligent analysis, it provides the possibility of rainfall within two hours and sends you timely reminders to help you prepare rain gear at any time.

Download the Thermometer APP to make your life more convenient, control the temperature and weather conditions anytime and anywhere, and provide you with considerate services every day!


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