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Hey Weather – Reza Ranjbaran

9月 23, 2020 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Reza Ranjbaran - Hey Weather アートワーク Hey Weather
Reza Ranjbaran
ジャンル: 天気
リリース日: 2020年9月18日

HeyWeather provides the new widget feature introduced in iOS 14.
you can have stylish widgets on your home screen to check your desired locations weather.

The HeyWeather App is not just another weather app with widgets, it's a handy, simple but accurate weather app with lots of customization on widgets! With HeyWeather you can customize any aspect of iOS 14 widgets on your home screen!

•Do you want to see the next hours weather on your home screen? There is a widget for that!

•Do you want to check tomorrow's weather on your widget? There is a widget for that!

•Do you want a stylish widget to match your blue icons? There is a widget for that!

•Or maybe you want to check your hometown weather on your home screen alongside your next destination weather? There is a widget for that!

There are tons of icons, colours and styles available for you to customize widgets, and more coming soon!

Choose up to 10 cities to monitor your desired location forecast. You can also show different cities on any widget on any size!

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