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Scaniverse – 3D Scanner – Toolbox AI

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Toolbox AI - Scaniverse - 3D Scanner アートワーク Scaniverse - 3D Scanner
Toolbox AI
ジャンル: 写真/ビデオ
リリース日: 2020年12月17日

Scan the world in 3D with Scaniverse, a 3D scanning app that supports all recent iPhones and iPads, including those without LiDAR. Scaniverse uses photogrammetry to accurately reconstruct objects, rooms, and even whole buildings and outdoor environments. On devices where LiDAR is available, Scaniverse takes advantage of it to deliver an even higher level of accuracy.

Share your scans by posting to Scaniverse, where they can be viewed in 3D or AR on any device with a web browser. Create videos that can be shared on social media. Or export models in the most popular 3D formats, including OBJ, FBX, USDZ, and LAS. Models created with Scaniverse are metrically accurate, and can be imported into 3D modeling software such as Blender and Maya, game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, and more! Scaniverse can enhance your workflow by allowing you to quickly capture any object as 3D reference.

Start creating today with Scaniverse!

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