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Enigma — UFO & UAP Sightings – Enigma Labs, LLC

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Enigma Labs, LLC - Enigma — UFO & UAP Sightings アートワーク Enigma — UFO & UAP Sightings
Enigma Labs, LLC
ジャンル: ニュース
リリース日: 2023年1月9日

Every day, thousands of people see something they can't explain in the skies. Enigma is the first data, research and community platform for UAP, "Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena," formerly known as UFOs. Enigma is the trusted place to go to share your story and read accounts from other witnesses.

We are neutral on the cause of the phenomenon, we respect all beliefs and welcome everyone. We are passionate about driving scientific progress. We are focused on UAP data only - we study where and when objects are observed, their velocity and flight characteristics. We are not interested in collecting users' personal data, nor will we ever sell that data.

Send feature and bug feedback directly by email to so our engineers can make fixes.

- Recent anomalous sightings near you with media and thousands of historical sightings across the globe
- Filter sightings by date, time, location, shape, witnesses, media, sensor detection.
- Read and listen to other witness stories and watch their videos
- Delve into in-depth library articles on major historical sightings

- Submit your own UAP sighting for analysis and help crowdsolve local mysteries

- Connect with other users on the app
- Shazam AR lens for what's in the sky
- Native camera for higher quality recordings
- Alerts for new UAP sightings near you

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