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Mi Fitness – Beijing Xiaomi Co., Ltd

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Beijing Xiaomi Co., Ltd - Mi Fitness アートワーク Mi Fitness
Beijing Xiaomi Co., Ltd
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
リリース日: 2020年7月8日

With Mi Fitness, you can track your workouts and monitor your fitness.

Track your workouts
Map your route, view your progress, and meet your goals. Track your walks, runs, and bike rides right from your phone.

Track your health info
Check your heart rate, blood oxygen, stress, and energy level. Log your blood pressure, weight, and cycle details, and create a medical card.

Sleep better
See your sleep trends, learn about your sleep cycles, check your blood oxygen level and breathing score, and get useful insights.

Pay with your wearable device
Add Mastercard cards into Mi Fitness and pay with your wearable device on the go.

Get help from Alexa
Check the weather, play music, and start a workout just by asking.

Connect to Health
Share your workout and fitness data with Health. This includes your steps, walking and running distance, active energy, workouts, strokes, heart rate, sleep and cardio fitness data.

Get notifications
View notifications, messages, and emails directly on your wearable device.

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