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Shoe Race – BoomHits sp. z o.o.

4月 21, 2021 | コメントは受け付けていません。

BoomHits sp. z o.o. - Shoe Race アートワーク Shoe Race
BoomHits sp. z o.o.
ジャンル: ゲーム
リリース日: 2021年3月15日

There is a right shoes to match different surface types. Choose the right shoe on time to gain speed and beat your opponent.

A different shoe is waiting to be unlocked on each level. Use your fashion sense to decide which to wear on and beat your opponent in style!

All the baddies are wearing high heels for the red carpet!

If you want to walk like a QUEEN always choose the right shoe! It makes you faster, more chic and unbeatable!

Wear your high heel proud and stand tall while photographers are taking pictures of you!
Race with your style and show them how baddie you are!

Don’t forget to bring your favorite shoes! Shine like a QUEEN!

Customize your character and control your style! Unlock special characters to walk up the podium in your high heels!

Become a ballerina or japanese lolita. Choose your character for every shoe.

That’s a great game, fun game, the most fashionable race game and an epic way of showing how fabulous you are. Win the fashion world in style!

Step up your style! Join the shoe run!

Dress up, glam up and show them that you are a FASHION GIRL!

For ice - choose figure skates. For run bring your sneakers.

Fabulous girls always figure out how to walk with style!

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