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Real Wild Fishing – Fish Game – 睿婷 杨

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睿婷 杨 - Real Wild Fishing - Fish Game アートワーク Real Wild Fishing - Fish Game
睿婷 杨
ジャンル: ゲーム
リリース日: 2022年4月28日

Come and experience the most popular fishing game nowadays!

New to fishing? It doesn't matter, you can fish easily with the touch of a finger!

Go to different sea areas and catch more rare big fish!

Game Features:
- more fishing grounds
We have more than 13 globally renowned fisheries. Maldives, New Zealand fishing grounds, Alaska fishing grounds, etc., each fishing ground can catch different kinds of fish, of course, different fishing grounds also have different scenery, you can enjoy the beautiful sea view while fishing
-easy to use
Click the fishing button to cast the rod. Control the time and you can throw it to the perfect area. The perfect area has a higher chance of catching rare fish. After the fish is hooked, click the button to rewind the line, but you need to control the strength. , if the strength is too small, the fish will easily escape. The fish caught can be sold or put into the fish tank for farming
- Beautiful picture
We have always been proud of the beautiful pictures. There are not only various fishing grounds with different styles, but also all kinds of lifelike big fish, as well as the real fishing effect of splashing water when fishing.

If you also like fishing, then this is a must-see option for you!

Don't be addicted to fishing, beware of seasickness!

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