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NAIPS – OzRunways Pty. Ltd.

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OzRunways Pty. Ltd. - NAIPS アートワーク NAIPS
OzRunways Pty. Ltd.
ジャンル: 天気
価格: ¥980
リリース日: 2009年7月20日

NAIPS for iPhone & iPad. Download pilot weather and notam information direct from Airservices Australia. Features include:

* Submit Flight Notification (up to 3 stages)
* Amend/Cancel flight plans
* SARTIME Notification
* Location Briefing
* Charts (eg. SigWX & Grid Pt Winds)
* Wind/Temp profile
* Area Briefing
* First/Last Light
* Dial AWIS phone numbers
* Location Directory
* Custom divert briefing

Why not use the website? With NAIPS for iPhone you can:

* Save briefings for viewing offline/airborne.
* Quickly update briefings
* Submit or amend flight plans in the cockpit before takeoff.
* Use your GPS Location to get the closest airfields & restricted areas.
* Downloads text only for very fast speeds
* Automatic login (you need your own login though)
* Save Aircraft & Route details for flight notifications & SARTIMES.
* Print or email your met/notams
* Push notifications send you a message when there is new weather out for your destination

Note: Requires a free login from to work.

Please direct all questions to

This application is not associated with Airservices so please don't ask them any questions about using this app. Once downloaded, there are no other charges to use NAIPS.

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