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Carlos Aviles Software - 雨アラーム・プロ アートワーク 雨アラーム・プロ
Carlos Aviles Software
ジャンル: 天気
価格: ¥610
リリース日: 2010年12月17日

このお天気アプリとウィジェットは、設定可能なアラームにより降水 (雨や雪)を通知してくれます。最新レーダー動画ではこれからのお天気を見ることができます。

Rain Alarm XT reliably warns you of rain or snow approaching your location using push notifications. Instead of predicting probabilities, we use real time data to warn you as soon as precipitation approaches you.

The app displays and animates the latest Doppler-radar images from many weather services around the world.

Rain Alarm XT is useful for everyone that likes to spend time outside and doesn’t want to get caught in the rain!

- No advertising
- Rain Alarm XT displays current temperature of your location
- Apple Watch extension

In the following countries we provide service:

Sweden, Poland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain (incl. Balearic and Canary Islands), Slovenia, Croatia, Belarus, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Iceland, USA, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapur, Philippines and Brunei.

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