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Split – Stopwatch widget – Enhancient

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Enhancient - Split - Stopwatch widget アートワーク Split - Stopwatch widget
ジャンル: ユーティリティ
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2016年10月16日

If you like the built-in stopwatch, but want to be able to view, start and stop timers from a widget screen, even when your device is locked, then Split is for you!

Split is a clean, simple and fast split stopwatch. Perfect for use at school, home, on the track or in the gym.

Key Features
* Stopwatch with 100’th of a second accuracy
* Stopwatch continues to run in the background and when your device is locked
* Allows an unlimited number of splits
* Widget - syncs precisely with the app and supports all features. Get to it by swiping right from your home screen or lock screen, or you can even 3D touch the app icon on supported devices.
* iPad: all orientations and Slide Over and Split View on supported models, so you can access your stopwatch without leaving another app.
* Large timer fonts so you don’t need to squint. And if you’re using splits/laps, you’ll appreciate that it’s the split time, rather than total, that’s the largest on screen.

Split is a stopwatch that’s simple to use, and super quick to access - it’s all in the widget.

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