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Pixel ウィジェット – Akash Jain

9月 24, 2020 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Akash Jain - Pixel ウィジェット アートワーク Pixel ウィジェット
Akash Jain
ジャンル: ユーティリティ
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2020年9月21日

Pixel widgets help you customize your home screen and give it a retro look! Choose from existing widget designs or customize your own with 150+ color themes and fonts.

- Hundreds of widget designs to choose from.
- Various widget configurations of Time/Date, Year in Progress.
- Customize your widgets with 150+ color themes and fonts.
- Simple and easy to use.

How to use the app:
1. Select an existing design or customize according to your choice.
2. Tap on the widget of your choice and select 'Set Widget'.
3. Enter jiggle mode on your home screen and search for 'Pixel Widgets'.
4. Add the widgets you just created.

Isn't it simple? :)

Download the app now and give your iPhone home screen an elegant look!

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