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MultiDeco – HHS Software Corp.

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HHS Software Corp. - MultiDeco アートワーク MultiDeco
HHS Software Corp.
ジャンル: ユーティリティ
価格: ¥5,500
リリース日: 2014年3月17日

A dive decompression calculator for technical scuba divers.

MultiDeco presents the VPM and ZHL-16 decompression model and includes VPM-B, VPM-B/E, ZHL model versions and ZHL-16 + GF. The diver can specify any combination of nitrox or trimix, and as many deco gases as required. Planning methods include both OC and Closed Circuit Rebreather. It includes planning for bailouts with SCR and OC legs in a CCR plan. Includes details of ppO2, END, and gas consumptions.

This program includes many of the features from the desktop version such as conservatism adjustments, extended stops, adjustable last stops, the planning monitor system and extensive control over many other planning features.

Also included is a set of dive planning tools for calculating best mix, maximum operating depth (MOD), END, EAD and other planning considerations. The Mixer utility for blending nitrox and trimix, is included too.

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